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Authors note:

With the world becoming an increasingly dynamic environment there is much that can and should be done to improve the way organisations respond to, and cope with, the ‘fantastic’ but challenging rate of change. Even the methods and approaches to Change Management themselves must respond to the drivers of change and, to name but two, this is especially applicable to advances in technology and the expectations of an increasingly knowledgeable, and therefore demanding, world population. benefitsdrivenchange recognizes that there is no room for complacency and welcomes the debate on how best to progress the organisational change management discipline.

A key aspect of effective Change Management is the nature of engagement an organisation has with its people. If communication is only sought when an organisational change is required then no one should surprised if the communication attempt is met with a degree of suspicion or even derision. An added benefit of the Benefits Realisation Management method is that it enables a permanent line of change related communication. By working to establish a culture of openness and permanent communication an organisation is reducing the inertia that must overcome when mobilising for change. 

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